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Structured Bid Writing (Advanced)

Structured Bid Writing (Advanced) is an ideal second day of training for learners who have attended our Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) course. The training covers advanced bid writing processes and techniques, with a key focus on executive summaries and storyboards.

Course overview

Structured Bid Writing (Advanced) teaches sophisticated, in-depth writing techniques for approaching bid writing.

Delegates learn an advanced technique for creating clear, concise and competitive messages and are shown how to use these to create more powerful and compelling executive summaries. The training teaches techniques designed to enable learners to answer complex bid questions and introduces storyboarding as both a writing technique and an important process improvement.

Taught by a professional writer, the course is lively and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for learners to put the learning to practice. Plus, learners are given a workbook to write in on the day and take back to the office, so they can refer back to it time and time again.

Key modules

Advanced messaging for bids and pitches
Here, learners are taught how to formulate sophisticated, highly competitive messages which are designed to form the heart of an executive summary. This advanced messaging technique has proven itself in many must-win bids.

Executive summaries: Structuring to Win
Delegates will learn how to use the messaging to create a strong and repeatable structure for an executive summary.

Executive summaries: A critical framework
The trainer will now facilitate a critique of a number of your company’s executive summaries.

Answering complex questions
Failing to answer the question is one of the most common pitfalls of bid writing. Here, learners are shown how to break a question down into its key components, and how to rapidly structure the answer.

The power of storyboarding
Delegates learn an effective storyboarding process which has the power to transform bid writing, by minimising rewriting and ensuring that Red Team reviews are more strategic and valuable.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?
If your company competes for significant private and public sector contracts through a formal bid process, this training will be invaluable for your team. We train:

  • Bid managers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Solution architects
  • Bid team leaders

Structured Bid Writing (Advanced) is an ideal course for people who have previously attended the Fundamentals course (although learners will find the training beneficial even if they haven’t attended the Fundamentals training).

How many days?
Structured Bid Writing (Advanced) is a one-day course.

In-house training
This is an in-house course for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“A really useful module for us was ‘Answering complex questions’ as we learned how to really focus our thoughts and our writing to answer the question being asked. Thanks to the techniques we were taught by Writing Machine Academy our bids are now clearer, more competitive and more professional, a fact that has been backed up by feedback from our clients.”
Andy Sampson, Design Delivery Manager, NATS
“The courses have been excellent value for money, and everybody who has attended has said they’ve been valuable, worthwhile and they’ve learned a lot. Writing Machine Academy is a professional organisation; the training ran like clockwork. You might think it should be like that with every supplier, but I’ve dealt with lots where it isn’t.”
David Pepe, previously Dean of the Advanced University, Advanced Computer Software

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