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Structured Business Writing

Writing is a critical skill for most desk jobs. Structured Business Writing teaches learners how to write clearer, more logical and far more professional business documents.

Course overview

Writing is an important part of most people’s professional lives. This means that being able to communicate a message clearly and concisely is an incredibly important skill – whether that’s when writing reports, emails or any other form of business communications. Poor business writing can lead to frustration, miscommunication and become a real drain on an organisation’s resources.

Our one-day Structured Business Writing training teaches learners professional writing techniques to transform the quality of their business documents. Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and engaging. Plus, learners are sent a handbook after the training which they can refer to time and time again.

Key modules

Audience and message
Learners are shown the importance of considering who you want to write for and what you want to communicate, before putting pen to paper.

Here, the training will overview the theory and benefits of structured writing techniques. This includes an introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Word’s Outline View.

Writing with clarity
Learners are shown how to communicate a message clearly and concisely, using shorter and simpler words and sentences.

Engaging your reader
Here, the trainer demonstrates how to keep the reader interested with positive, lively and direct writing.

Writing for scan readers
This module covers how to use devices such as headings, bullets, boxes and bold to highlight key points.

Effective business emails
Most people communicate via email on a daily basis – but it’s a tricky medium to get right. This module explores the dos and don’ts, offering practical guidance on how to write emails effectively in order to get the results you want.

This simple but effective proofreading exercise gets delegates thinking about common spelling and grammar errors that can be avoided when writing, and teaches professional proofreading skills.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?
Anyone who writes as part of their professional life will find this course invaluable.

How many days?
One day.

In-house training
Our in-house training course is for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“Writing Machine Academy’s Structured Business Writing course has not only improved the way we write our reports, it has also changed the way we think as a business. By thinking and planning before writing, staff are able to produce more logical, better structured and higher quality reports. And they are also able to get their message across in a clear and more concise way. We’ve run seven courses already, and I don’t doubt we’ll run more in the future – in fact, I have people knocking on my door asking to attend the course.”
Senior Manager, Leadership, Management and Talent Development, Principality Building Society

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