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Structured Letter Writing

In many organisations, letters are a key form of communication between you and your customers. Structured Letter Writing teaches learners to ensure those letters are better structured, clearer and far more professional.

Course overview

The quality of your letters will have a huge impact on your customers’ impressions of your organisation. Letters that are wordy, hard to follow and contain spelling and grammar mistakes will have a very negative impact. But letters that are clear, concise and professional will leave a great impression with your customers.

Structured Letter Writing teaches learners professional writing techniques to transform the quality of their letters, including effective structuring, dealing with legal caveats and how to achieve an appropriate tone of voice.

Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and engaging, and incorporates examples of your organisation’s letter writing. Plus, learners are given a workbook to write in on the day and take back to the office, so they can refer back to it time and time again.

Key modules

Objective setting and messaging
Illustrated with a fun exercise, learners are shown the importance of considering who you’re writing for and what you want to say, before putting pen to paper.

Better structuring makes letters clearer and more professional. This module includes an introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Word’s Outline View, and considers how to deal with legal caveats.

Tone of voice
Reviewing examples from your organisation, learners will consider how to achieve the right formality and write with authority.

Writing with clarity
How to communicate your message to your reader, clearly and concisely.

Writing for scan readers
Using an example letter from your organisation, the group will learn how bold text, bullets and good headings will optimise it for scan reading.

Critique and practical session
Learners will now take a critical look at an example letter from your company and start to rewrite it, based on the techniques they have learned.

Grammar and spelling errors can undo all the hard writing work that goes into a letter. This module teaches delegates how to carefully check that their letters are free of mistakes.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?

Anyone who writes professional letters, including:

  • Customer services professionals
  • Administration professionals
  • Advisers, consultants and legal professionals who write letters to provide or confirm advice

How many days?
One day.

In-house training
Structured Letter Writing is an in-house course for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“The structure, clarity and tone of voice of our suitability letters are far improved and I can rest easy knowing that the letters going out properly reflect the Principality brand.”
Shaun Middleton, Head of Regulated Sales, Principality Building Society

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