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Structured Marketing Writing (Advanced)

This one-day course teaches learners how to adapt their core copywriting skills for different marketing mediums.

Course overview

Different marketing materials call for different writing styles. This course is all about understanding how the copywriting techniques learned on Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) can be adapted to craft engaging copy for a range of marketing materials. The Structured Marketing Writing (Advanced) course takes an in-depth look at writing for the web, writing marketing emails, press releases and thought leadership pieces.

Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and engaging, and incorporates examples of your organisation’s marketing writing. Plus, learners receive a handbook that they can refer to time and time again.

Key modules

Writing for the web
Learners are taught the recipe for a perfect web page. Then, facilitated by the trainer, learners will rewrite some of your organisation’s web copy.

Writing marketing emails
This in-depth module explores how the latest best-practice email campaigns work and teaches learners how to put this understanding to work with copywriting.

Writing press releases
This module will take delegates through a tried-and-tested formula for writing press releases.

Writing thought leadership pieces
Opinions matter, and blogs and opinion articles are great ways to build trust and credibility for your brand. Learners are taught how to write attention-grabbing thought leadership pieces with a strong and original angle.

Briefing and reviewing
This module shows learners how to create robust briefs, and how to review copy effectively.

Grammar and punctuation
The trainer will clear up the most common grammar and punctuation queries.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?
Structured Marketing Writing (Advanced) is for people who have previously attended Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals).

How many days?
Structured Marketing Writing (Advanced) is a one-day course.

In-house training
Our in-house training course is for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“Structured Marketing Writing has given our delegates more confidence in their writing. As a result, I’m sure there will be an improvement in the quality of our marketing and PR writing, which certainly makes it worth the spend.”
Paul Deane-Williams, Public Relations Director for EMEA, Towers Watson
“Effective Marketing Writing has given us much greater confidence when creating web copy, opinion articles, marketing emails, brochures or datasheets.”
Lauren Webb, Marketing Manager, DAS

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