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Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals)

Marketing copy has to be a lot of things: creative, targeted, engaging, clear, concise – and of course, free of mistakes. Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) teaches learners how to write copy that ticks all the boxes.

Course overview

Being able to write good copy is an essential skill for any marketer. Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) teaches learners core techniques for crafting engaging marketing copy that gets results.

Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and interactive, with plenty of exercises. Plus, learners receive a handbook which they can refer to time and time again.

Key modules

Audience and message
Illustrated with a fun, practical exercise, learners are shown the importance of knowing who your audience is and what message you want to communicate, before putting pen to paper.

Here, the trainer will overview the theory and benefits of structured writing techniques. This includes an introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Word’s Outline View.

Tone of voice
Looking at a variety of examples, the trainer encourages learners to consider how to achieve a desired tone of voice.

Writing with clarity
This module covers how to write clearly and concisely, using shorter and simpler words and sentences.

Engaging your reader
Copywriting has to be engaging. Here, the training overviews how you can keep your reader interested with positive and direct writing, and benefits rather than features.

Writing for scan readers
How to use devices such as headings, bullets, boxes and bold to highlight your competitive points.

A fun exercise to get people thinking about the kinds of mistakes they need to watch out for.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?
Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) is a must for anyone who writes marketing or communications copy as part of their job. It’s suitable for people who are fairly new to marketing, or those looking for a refresher.

How many days?
Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) is a one-day course.

In-house training
Our in-house training course is for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“Straight away, we all felt more confident to write marketing documents that should engage Civica’s audience. The skills we’ve learned are invaluable.”
Rachel Massey, Marketing Manager, Civica
“Writing Machine Academy’s Structured Marketing Writing training has empowered our team to convey key messages using less words and in a more engaging way. One of the most powerful things we’ve learned is to think about our core message first, structure second and write last which means our writing is better planned and follows a logical structure. We’ve become more productive as a team too because we spend far less time rewriting. Equally important, our marcomms now resonate far more clearly with the target audience.”
Pete Winterbottom, Manager of Aftersales Marketing, AGCO

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