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Structured Sales Writing

Compared to just a few years ago, writing is now a very important part of a sales person’s job. Structured Sales Writing teaches learners how to make their sales writing clearer, more engaging, competitive, concise, and benefits-led.

Course overview

To make a sale or nurture leads, it’s often important to be able to communicate a competitive message in writing. Whether your sales people are writing emails, proposals or presentations, Structured Sales Writing will give them the core writing skills they need to ensure their writing gets results.

Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and engaging. Plus, learners receive a handbook after the training which they can refer to time and time again.

Key modules

Competitive messaging
Illustrated with a fun and thought-provoking exercise, this module gets learners thinking about how to craft clear, compelling and competitive messages.

Here, the training will overview the theory and benefits of structured writing techniques. This includes an introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Word’s Outline View.

Writing with clarity
Learners are shown how to write clearly and concisely, using shorter and simpler words and sentences.

Engaging your reader
Here, the trainer demonstrates how to keep the reader interested with positive, lively and direct writing.

Writing for scan readers
This module covers how to use devices such as headings, bullets, boxes and bold to highlight competitive points.

A simple but effective proofreading exercise gets learners thinking about the common spelling and grammar errors that can be avoided when writing and teaches professional proofreading skills.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?

Structured Sales Writing is invaluable training for anyone who writes sales documents, whether it’s proposals, emails, presentations, product sheets or anything else. We train:

  • Sales managers
  • Sales support staff
  • Account managers
  • Account executives
  • Product managers
  • Project managers

How many days?
Structured Sales Writing is a one-day course.

In-house training
Structured Sales Writing is an in-house course for up to ten people.

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What do our clients say?

“At no point during the entire process did it occur to me that anything could have been done better. Every single piece of engagement with Writing Machine Academy, I’d say, has been class leading.”
Simon Lill, UK and Ireland Sales Director, OpenText
“After the Structured Sales Writing training, our email hit rate went up remarkably and we secured concrete business on the back of it.”
Paul Thomas, previously Group Commercial Director, Adelphi

Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals)

For a course more focused on bid and pitch writing, we offer Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals). This enables anyone who contributes to bids, pitches or tender documents to produce writing that is compelling, clear and concise. Such succinct and well-structured writing is more engaging, and far more likely to be read and understood.

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eLearning training

If you have a large, diverse team to train, our eLearning course might be the best option for you. Find out about our online Structured Bid Writing training.

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