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Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals)

Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) enables anyone who contributes to bids or tender documents to produce writing that is compelling, clear and concise. Such succinct and well-structured writing is more engaging, and far more likely to be read and understood.

Course overview

We understand the challenges that bid and pitch writing teams face; the pressure is extremely high and last minute editing can result in late and stressful nights in the office.

Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) teaches a better way to approach bid writing. Learners are taught a range of professional writing techniques to improve both the quality and efficiency of their writing.

Taught by a professional writer, the training is lively and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for learners to put the learning to practice. Plus, learners are given a workbook to write in on the day and take back to the office, so they can refer back to it time and time again.

Following this training, the corporate outcomes expected are a reduction in lose rate and a noticeable increase in productivity for those involved in the writing process.

Key modules

Objective setting
A handy checklist to ensure you have all the information you need to start writing.

Competitive messaging
Key to any successful bid is communicating a set of clear, compelling and – above all – competitive messages. Illustrated with a fun and thought-provoking exercise, this module gets learners thinking about how to answer the all-important ‘so what?’ question.

Here, the training will overview the theory and benefits of structured writing techniques. This includes an introduction and demonstration of Microsoft Word’s Outline View.

Writing with clarity
Learners are shown how to write clearly and concisely, using shorter and simpler words and sentences.

Engaging your reader
Here, the trainer demonstrates how to keep the reader interested with positive, lively and direct writing.

Writing for scan readers
This module covers how to use devices such as headings, bullets, boxes and bold to highlight competitive points.

A simple but effective proofreading exercise gets learners thinking about the common spelling and grammar errors that can be avoided when writing and teaches professional proofreading skills.

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Quick facts

Who should attend?
If your company competes for significant private and public sector contracts through a formal bid process, this training will be invaluable for your team. We train:

  • Bid managers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Solution architects
  • Bid team leaders

How many days?
Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) is a one day course.

In-house training
Our in-house training course is for up to 10 learners.

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What do our clients say?

“Thanks to the techniques we were taught by Writing Machine Academy our bids are now clearer, more competitive and more professional, a fact that has been backed up by feedback from our clients.”
Andy Sampson, Design Delivery Manager, NATS
“Our bids have become much more customer-focused. I’ve seen a lot more ‘you’ in our documents, where there used to be ‘we’ and ‘us’.”
Gerry Benz, Business Support Manager at Indra Navia
“I found Writing Machine Academy to be both professional and flexible in their approach. The Structured Bid Writing training they delivered has definitely helped improve the writing skills of the delegates that attended.”
Andrew Galliet, previously Senior Pitch Manager, DLA Piper

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