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Writing Machine makes the Structured Writing Method available for Pathway Providers

The Covid-19 situation has intensified the need for Pathway Providers to rapidly augment their asynchronous online course materials for pre-sessional courses.

In this context Writing Machine is providing a packaged version of the the second generation eLearning version of its unique Structured Writing Method™ . This package will enable Pathway Providers to rapidly add significant online capability to such courses.

In terms of next steps, if this is of interest, then please fill in the form below. We will then arrange a Zoom meeting which will enable us to demonstrate the course materials in more detail, and explore how you could use the Structured Writing Method to help you at this point in time.

We will provide the following items:

  • A single SCORM version of the course in its entirety
    This could be provided immediately to all your students via your VLE. This stand-alone version features video, interactions, exercises and quizzes. The course is designed to work on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers. Click here to see a demo of this course.
  • Separate SCORM versions of each of the lessons
    These will provide you with the building blocks to rapidly create an extremely professional, blended online learning course. This is similar to the one that we provide to corporate clients as a virtual classroom delivery.
  • Template for customisable, blended virtual classroom delivery
    We typically deliver this course over a six-week period to corporate clients, but flexibility is built into the delivery model which we will share with you. It includes seven virtual classroom contact hours which we design to be as interactive and relevant to the cohort as possible. We use Zoom to create breakout rooms for group activities. The eLearning materials are used here for priming ahead of each session as well as for consolidation of learning following the virtual classroom sessions.
  • Links to our ‘insight’ videos on VIMEO for use in priming
    Each module – or lesson – in the Structured Writing Method begins with an ‘insight’ video which explains why the lesson is important and relevant when writing any document (including, of course, academic documents). In our virtual classroom courses, we prime students with our ‘Thinking Ahead’ modules. These feature the insight video of the forthcoming lesson, coupled with a few questions and perhaps a quick quiz to get students to ‘think ahead’ about the next lesson. We will provide links to these VIMEO videos so your institution can do something similar for your students.

To see an online demo of the course, please click this link. This is the complete course version that we are offering. As mentioned in the ‘offer’ section on this page, we are also providing access to each of the lessons as separate SCORM packages to enable you to rapidly create virtual classroom blended courses based on the Structured Writing Method.

Writing Machine has more than 30 years’ experience of providing editorial, consultancy and writing training services to many of the world’s largest companies such as IBM, Microsoft, HP and BT. Our Structured Writing Method™, now in its second-generation eLearning version, focuses at once on the quality of thinking and the quality of writing.

The Structured Writing Method is a proven, high-value professional course that can be easily imported into HEI VLEs for use off-the-shelf, immediately. Alternatively, with some simple tailoring, it can rapidly become the cornerstone of a blended learning programme tailored to the needs of your own students.

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