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Project Description


Helping OpenText’s sales teams produce more effective written communication 

Quick facts

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management software. Its products aim to help businesses achieve growth, lower costs and reduce risks. Employing approximately 5,000 people, OpenText serves over 50,000 customers worldwide.


  • Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals)
  • Structured Bid Writing (Advanced)

OpenText’s teams of sales people and consultants are extremely knowledgeable, but many struggle with producing highly professional written documents.

The requirements of the two teams were slightly different. For example, the sales team required a general writing course which was applicable to the full range of general pre-sale documents they were producing, including emails, reports and short proposals. The Bid Solutions team, on the other hand, were often involved in answering complex bid questions and executive summaries and so required additional help to ensure their bid documents maximised their chances of success.

The solution: One-day Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) course for all, plus an Advanced day for the Bid Solutions team.

Writing Machine Academy first delivered Structured Bid Writing (Advanced) over two days to the Bid Solutions team. The courses were tailored to ensure that the content reflected the team’s specific needs as closely as possible. They included modules on answering the question, briefing and reviewing documents, and grammar and punctuation. Following the extremely positive feedback from the course, we delivered the Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) course to OpenText’s sales team.

Client feedback

Delegates were asked to give a score out of five on a list of feedback questions, such as ‘Quality of the training content’, ‘Quality of the trainer’ and ‘I have learned new techniques that will enhance my writing’. The average score was 4.5 out of 5.

“This should help me to shorten documents and draw attention to key themes and benefit statements.”
OpenText delegate

“The workshop content made the course comprehensive and engaging.”
OpenText delegate
“I should see major improvements in my writing as a result of this course.”
OpenText delegate
“I just wish my English teacher at school had made this much sense.”
OpenText delegate

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