Helping the marketing team at Panasonic to create copy which is customer-focused, engaging and clear2017-06-06T06:38:35+00:00

Project Description


Helping the marketing team at Panasonic to create copy that is customer-focused, engaging and clear

Quick facts

Panasonic is a leading supplier of consumer and business-related electronics products. The company employs more than 500 staff and has an annual turnover in excess of £700m.


  • Structured Marketing Writing

Terry Hughes, General Manager, Marketing at Panasonic, was looking for marketing writing training for his UK marketing team.

He felt they should be writing copy that was more customer-focused, engaging and clear. Their writing covered the full range of marketing requirements including brochures, emails, web copy and direct mail.

The training solution: A marketing team that can create copy which is customer-focused, engaging and clear

The delegates who attended Writing Machine Academy’s Structured Marketing Writing (Fundamentals) training course found that their writing was vastly improved, and was no longer repetitive or overly technical.

Panasonic was able to source funding from the Welsh Government, which made the course very affordable. Terry has since recommended the training to his European colleagues.

Client feedback

Delegates were asked to give a score out of five on a list of feedback questions such as ‘Quality of the training content’, ‘Quality of the trainer’ and ‘I have learned new techniques that will enhance my writing’. The average score across all four courses was 4.8 out of 5.

“Thank you very much for your company’s support in the training event we had yesterday, which was excellent and covered all the topics I had hoped for. All delegates had a very constructive and informative day, and enjoyed the whole programme.”
Terry Hughes, General Manager, Marketing, Panasonic

“The focus on benefits was especially good.”
Panasonic delegate
“I’ll now be putting the customer at the focus of everything I write!”
Panasonic delegate
“I will plan and structure my writing before diving straight in.”
Panasonic delegate

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