Showing QinetiQ’s bid team how to write more concise bid documents with a greater focus on the reader2017-06-12T13:52:19+00:00

Project Description


Showing QinetiQ’s bid team how to write more concise bid documents with a greater focus on the reader

Quick facts

QinetiQ is a multinational defence technology company based in Farnborough. It provides technology-led security solutions to government and commercial customers in over 40 countries. QinetiQ is the largest research and technology company in the UK and employs more than 13,000 people globally. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and FTSE 250 Index.


  • Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals)

QinetiQ wanted to improve the efficiency of its bid department. The existing culture often favoured writing more bids at the expense of writing more successful bids.

The bid team needed to find a way to collaborate effectively and thus produce more cohesive and compelling bid documents.

Following a root and branch review, it was decided that QinetiQ’s bid team should receive Structured Bid Writing training from Writing Machine Academy.

The training solution: A series of bespoke bid writing courses across the UK

Writing Machine Academy tailored an initial course to meet the particular needs of QinetiQ’s delegates. The one-day Structured Bid Writing (Fundamentals) course drew on specific examples of writing from the bid team and focused on areas for improvement that we had identified with QinetiQ’s head of learning, Mark Hopkins. It was of particular importance to Mark that the course was delivered by professional writers, not just trainers who can write.

Following the success of this first course, Writing Machine Academy was able to further refine the content over a series of six more courses. All of these received very positive feedback from QinetiQ’s delegates.

Client feedback

Delegates were asked to give a score out of five on a list of feedback questions such as ‘Quality of the training content’, ‘Quality of the trainer’ and ‘I have learned new techniques that will enhance my writing’. The average score was 4.5 out of 5.

“Delegates now address the issues we were facing previously, including thinking about writing for the reader and considering what response the audience is looking for in the bid.”
Mark Hopkins, Head of Learning, QinetiQ

“The course will definitely help improve my style and speed of putting bids together.”
QinetiQ delegate
“I recommend this course for everyone writing any documents.”
QinetiQ delegate
“I have more confidence in all writing. It’s given me a framework for constructing reports of all types.”
QinetiQ delegate

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