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We are the UK’s leading writing consultancy. Whether you want a single executive summary, a case study programme or a complete editorial solution for your whole business, our experienced team can partner with you.


Marketing services

Marketing services

Whether you want a single piece of collateral, or a full programme of activity, we can design an editorial solution to tackle
your marketing challenges.

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Bid services

Bid services

According to research by Yale University, decision-makers only give a document an average of seven minutes’ reading time.
Don’t miss your chance to make an excellent first impression. Partner with us to create bid documents that set you apart.

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Writing that shines: the Structured Writing Method

The Structured Writing Method is at the heart of everything we do at Writing Machine Agency. Our consultants use this method to give you exceptional quality – and great value – editorial services.

Why are you writing? All sales and marketing documents need a purpose. This purpose can profoundly affect everything else that happens next – from editorial structure, to the messages, to the tone of voice used. That’s why we always agree objectives with our clients up front.
Every sales and marketing document exists to communicate message(s). We capture these from our clients for every project. Alternatively, we use techniques within the Structured Writing Method™ to create messages that are as clear, concise, competitive and compelling as possible.
Documents must be structured to suit their purpose. We use word processing tools to create a structure for every writing job – an editorial definition – which we send to our clients before writing begins. This significantly improves the quality and efficiency of the writing from the first draft.
Finally, professional writing must be clear, concise, engaging and written for scan readers – as well as being free of mistakes. When the writing begins, our skilled consultants use editorial best practice to produce writing of optimum quality.

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Content that keeps on giving

Importantly, the structured way we work at Writing Machine Agency means we can easily rework the content we produce for other purposes.

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A unique editorial partnership

Writing Machine is uniquely placed to help you build a complete editorial solution – for a campaign, for your department or for your whole organisation.

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“I really enjoy working with Writing Machine as they take the time to understand the brief, add their own thinking and research and the content often requires little reworking before its approved. It makes life so easy, and is the result of the time they take to fully understand the brief.”

Natalie Hammond, Content Marketing Leader, Experian

“Following just a 45 minute telephone briefing, Writing Machine Agency came back to us, just one and a half days later, with a highly polished Executive Summary. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the work, given the limited amount of time and information the individual had to work with. A great innovation I will certainly use again.”

Bid Manager, HP

Global telecommunications giant, Ciena said our service is superb

“Writing Machine offers a superb service and excellent quality content. That is hard to find in high-tech B2B marketing.”


“It is great to work with you as an agency. The writing of the Best Practice stories inspires our eCommerce Community across the world.”


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