Value Propositions

A value proposition helps you communicate the unique benefits of your product or service to your target audience.

A value proposition can help you maximise the impact of your product or service in the marketplace, generate more leads, and build credibility in your brand. But to achieve all this, you need to take a step back, understand the true unique value of your offerings, and create a compelling overview that is aligned to what your customers need – and Writing Machine can help you every step of the way.

Value propositions come in different flavours, but all help you communicate the unique benefits of your product or service to your target audience. Some focus on the value of a specific product or solution, some talk about the benefits for customers in a specific industry vertical, and some are even developed for a specific buyer from a key account (for Account Based Marketing purposes).

Whatever the case may be, value propositions are often quite substantial documents – often coming in at 2,000-words-plus. They provide all of the raw content and messaging needed to brief and empower your marketing and sales teams, and to create great marketing content that communicates your value messages to prospects and customers.

Although there are different types of value propositions, all typically include:

  • An overview of typical customer challenges
    This often relates to legacy or previous ways of working.
  • A suggested ‘new way’ of working
    This is designed to help overcome these challenges.
  • An introduction to your product or service
    This is written to align with the ‘new way’.
  • An exploration of the benefits of your product or service
    Ideally these be unique.
  • A call to action
    This is designed to give readers clear next steps on how to engage with you.

If the purpose and contents for a value proposition sound simple, it’s because they are. But as always, the devil’s in the detail, and there are many reasons why internal teams often struggle to build compelling value propositions for their offerings.

Key challenges often experienced by our clients include:

  • Information silos
    Meaning that technical teams may not be in tune with the business benefits of products or solutions, and vice versa. This makes it difficult to paint a full picture of customer value, or to identify key points of differentiation with competing offerings.
  • Differing stakeholder opinions and viewpoints
    Within the same organisation, there can be differing opinions and viewpoints on the value solutions deliver for customers. To understand these views, it’s necessary to engage with and interview multiple stakeholders so that a consensus can be reached.
  • Document structuring and writing challenges
    While most executives write a lot as part of their daily work, creating a message-driven value proposition is a specialised writing task. The right professional writer, for example, will be able to structure the document in an optimal way, position the key value messages for maximum impact, and achieve the right, authoritative and persuasive tone throughout. The quality of the copy will also, of course, be assured.

To ensure your value proposition packs the biggest punch, you need to fully understand your target ‘personas’ – the people you’re ultimately marketing your product or service to. Are your buyers typically technical people who are looking to prepare for the digital future? Are they C-level executives with responsibility for improving the overall operating efficiency of the company. Or are they in specific roles, such as development, engineering, machine maintenance, or others.

Once you understand who your target personas are, and what they need, you can build a compelling proposition that talks their language and demonstrates the value your product or solution will deliver for them.

This is where we blow our own trumpet (just a little).

We’ve been writing high-impact value propositions for companies in the tech sector for more than 30 years. These include value propositions for some of the industry’s biggest tech brands, and largest and most complex solutions – from enterprise datacentre infrastructure and cloud solutions, to networking solutions (layers 0 to 3), enterprise software solutions, big data analytics, AI, smart video, and more.

We have also created value propositions across the full range of applications, from propositions for specific solutions, to propositions for specific vertical industry audiences, and propositions for account based marketing. Just some of the clients who have used our value proposition service include Ciena, Kapsch TrafficCom, ACT (a Fujitsu company) Hitachi Vantara, Hikvision and Travelport.

Our editorial consultants have an average of 20+ years’ industry experience, and follow a tried and tested process to deliver the best, most compelling value propositions every time.

To deliver the value proposition your business needs, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, we follow a tried and tested process. This is based on 5 key steps:

  • Desk research
    It is important to fully understand the sector you operate in and where your product or service fits in the competitor landscape.
  • An in-depth interview process
    These are held with multiple stakeholders to source credibility content for your company and offerings, and to reach a consensus for key ‘value messages’ to be featured in the proposition.
  • Creation of a first draft
    The first draft of the value proposition clearly outlines the unique value of your offering in a way that’s highly engaging and persuasive. To maximise the impact and quality of value propositions, all our editorial consultants use Writing Machine’s Structured Writing Method™.
  • A review process
    This enables us to integrate your feedback into the proposition and to gain buy-in from all key stakeholders.
  • Sign offs and final checks
    These include proof-reading before your proposition is published.

Next Steps

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Value Propositions are produced following our unique Structured Writing Method™. This approach to thinking and writing provides a logical, linear process that we follow as an agency and teach as an academy. It is applicable to every business and to every business document.

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