three reasons

Interview techniques, messaging and a focus on angles: just three of the ways Writing Machine is able to delight its clients.

Not all copywriting is the same. 30 years ago, Writing Machine developed a unique content production process called the Structured Writing Method that gives our clients content that is clear, concise and competitive, at all times. It means we have the experience and processes to capture the most compelling insights within your business and deliver competitive propositions and content.

Here are three of the many benefits of working with this method.

1. Our interview technique uncovers hidden insights to create more sophisticated campaigns

Many of our clients are large, highly technical companies. Within their organisations they have a huge wealth of knowledge and customer insight. Tapping into this goldmine of information can, however, be extremely challenging – especially when the subject matter is so complex. Too often clients tell us that their experience with other agencies has been frustratingly superficial. Sometimes you don’t just want style – you want substance as well.

This is where our own experience and decades of expertise working with some of the most technical companies in the world can pay dividends. The conversations we have with clients are sophisticated, consultative, and often very challenging.

These conversations are always for a known purpose. Working closely with the marketing team, we help define objectives clarify messaging and propose structural ‘editorial definition’ documents which define the structure of the document(s) to be created.

Only once this document is signed off will we start to research and interview subject matter experts. It’s a process that enables us to write the right document first time.

“Writing Machine offer a superb service and excellent quality content. That is not always easy in high-tech B2B marketing.”

Regional Segment Marketing, EMEA, Ciena

2. We craft competitive messages that speak to multiple audiences

A key part of our method is our approach to messaging. This message-led approach to content creation enables us to produce work of exceptional clarity.

We use our unique messaging process to consult with key individuals across the business, extracting their knowledge and pulling together competitive messaging for each distinct business area.

Sometimes we position entire companies (e.g. IBM, BT Global Services, Travelport and Unisys). At other times we use this process to create the competitive positioning of bid documents worth tens and, occasionally, hundreds of millions of pounds (e.g. HP, Steria, SITA and Thales).

Our messaging documents can be used to ‘direct and empower’ marketing and sales teams across a business and beyond (including other agencies, for example), to ensure that everybody is singing from the same messaging hymn sheet.

“Writing Machine well understands my requests about content creation, and the key messages. The delivery of content is timely and efficiently, and in good quality. I look forward to more extensive cooperation in the future.”

Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, large Chinese technology company

3. By identifying angles we are able to tell compelling stories that resonate

Similar to – but not the same as – messaging is the search for an angle. Knowing what you want to say is one thing; finding the best hook to grab the attention of your audience is another challenge altogether.

Here, once again, our method adds real value. It enables us to work with clients to pull out a single, compelling, insight-driven angle for each and every piece of collateral that we produce.

These hooks are the result of a combination of in-depth desk research and consultative interviews. They often emerge as a result of the so-called ‘exploratory’ interview technique which we follow. Although there is certainly a structure to follow in these conversations, we are deliberately intellectually flexible and encourage our clients to expand on many (if not most) remarks they make. Interviews often become genuinely fascinating explorations of a subject in the pursuit of the most interesting, pertinent and resonant angle for the audience.

“I really enjoy working with Writing Machine as they take the time to understand the brief, add their own thinking and research, and the content often requires little reworking before its approved. They fully understand the brief and their approach makes life so easy.”

Content Marketing Leader, Experian

Writing Machine Agency is one of the UK’s leading writing consultancies. We developed the Structured Writing Method in the 1990s and have been using it ever since to provide world-class marketing, sales and bid copywriting. Whether you want a single executive summary, a case study programme or a complete editorial solution for your whole business, our experienced team can partner with you. Get in touch to find out more.