Storyboarding: Quick Wins

Storyboarding bid responses can help you optimise answers in terms of scoring, while also ensuring that your ‘win themes’ are competitive and consistent.  To help you adopt storyboarding across your team, Writing Machine has created Storyboarding: Quick Wins. This half-day course provides tools and techniques for optimizing bid responses by planning and structuring them thoroughly in advance – speeding up the writing process and reducing stress during Red Team review.

Ideal for companies whose time is short, or budgets are tight, this course helps your teams to integrate storyboarding into your bid-writing process. After completing the course, delegates will be able to break down RFI or RFP questions and design answers that are competitive and optimised for scoring – as well as fully compliant.

Storyboarding: Quick Wins is an excellent introduction to the benefits of the Structured Writing Method™, which Writing Machine has been using to create world-class content, reports, and bid responses for our clients for more than 30 years.

After attending the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Break down RFI or RFP questions into their constituent parts
  • Structure answers in a way that re-enforces ‘win themes’
  • Structure answers to optimise scoring
  • Check that all answers are compliant with RFI/RFP requirements
  • Speed up their writing
  • Create answers that pass Red Team review more smoothly

Storyboarding: Quick Wins is delivered virtually in a single, half-day session. Delegates can attend the course from anywhere, on any internet-connected device – saving time and reducing the need for business travel.

The virtual classroom session is focused on active learning, and feature elements such as breakout sessions, activities and group discussions.

The course is ideally delivered to groups of between 10 and 20 delegates. If you have a larger or smaller cohort or require personalised training for yourself or members of your team, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Optionally, delegates to the course can augment the virtual classroom session with access to Writing Machine’s full Structured Writing Method eLearning at a discounted rate, helping you and your team build confidence and practice what you’ve learned.

Why it matters

Watch this video from our Structured Writing Method for Bids Independent eLearning course to see why storyboarding could be such a powerful new collaborative process for your team.

Storyboarding Quick Wins focuses on the important collaborative technique which is just part of the Structured Writing Method for Bids. This follows an approach to thinking and writing which provides a logical, linear process that we follow as an agency and teach as an academy. It is applicable to every business and to every business document,

Next Steps

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